Sep 1 • 1HR 21M

#1 - Jeff Widenhofer

Veteran turned veteran mental health worker

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The uncommon pursuit of mind fitness. Heal invisible wounds, decode chronic conditions, and level up your mental health. Figure it out.
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Whether you like it or not, I’ve officially joined the legions of podcasters out there… So I’m launching the RARE SENSE Podcast this month with Episode 1 instead of writing an article. That’s primarily because of the work that went into getting things off the ground. I simply didn’t have the time to draft a post as well. However, I hope to add the podcast to the mix moving forward. So while I may be publishing an article or an episode each month for the foreseeable future, eventually, I’d like to provide both monthly, along with my “Thing to Read” recommendation.

There are several reasons I decided to take the podcast plunge:

  • Friends have recommended that I do it.

  • Many prefer consuming media aurally at times (myself included).

  • I’ve had some discussions in recent months about mind fitness that I wish had been recorded.

  • I want to provide insight and perspectives on mind fitness from people other than myself.

  • Conversations themselves are more free-flowing and open-ended than articles.

Like my blog posts, the podcast is free and should be available on most major streaming platforms soon, if not already. I’m sure there will be a few unanticipated kinks with this first episode, so please excuse whatever those end up being. I’ll figure it out as I go along.

I plan to interview guests but may also provide audio versions of posts at times. I’m not 100% sure about the direction it will take, and I’d love to get your feedback. Please let me know by responding to this email if you have any recommendations or other thoughts.

For this first episode, I’m speaking with Jeff Widenhofer. “Weed” is a friend and classmate from the Naval Academy, retired helicopter pilot, and former broadway musician. He is currently studying for a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver to become a licensed psychotherapist. Part of his training involves working with inpatients at a local hospital and speaking with combat veterans at a VA counseling center. As a veteran and someone working with veterans in the mental health space, I thought he would be a perfect guest to kick things off. Note that you can also watch the episode on YouTube if you prefer.

Lastly, if you are looking for something to read this month and are new to my Substack, I recommend checking out The RARE SENSE Manifesto and The 5 W’s of You. I’ll be back next month with a new article. Thanks for your support.

DISCLAIMER: None of the ideas expressed here should be construed as medical or psychiatric advice. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. Nor do they represent the official position or opinions of any organization or persons outside of RARE SENSE. If you suffer from a mental or physical disorder or illness, please seek assistance from a licensed professional.