7. My Illness StoryListen now (35 min) | Rebroadcast from the O2X Tactical Performance Podcast
Thing to Read - January 2023As we kick off the New Year, I figured there’s no better time to read Atomic Habits by James Clear. If we examine our behavior patterns and pote…
6. Ben AhrensListen now (108 min) | Neural retraining to treat chronic conditions
Building better patterns

December 2022

Year in review
Thing to Read - December 2022This month’s article was about the power of belief. If you want to overcome that which ails you mentally, you can no longer give it any strength…
5. Stephan FranceListen now (98 min) | Navy Corpsman turned Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
What lies beneath

November 2022

4. "Logan"Listen now (9 min) | Audio version
Thing to Read - November 2022This month’s article was about artistic creation and why it’s vital to mind fitness development. If there was ever a “how to art” book, it’s thi…
Serving order or chaos

October 2022

3. Brandon FernListen now (82 min) | Mind fitness and kids' sports