People talk a lot about “human performance” these days but it’s basically synonymous with “physical fitness.” Which means it doesn’t take into account what makes humans unique as a species - our brains. Our physiques aren’t really that impressive. Countless other animals are stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. And while developing our bodies is worth devoting energy to, we should put at least as much effort into developing our minds.

Similarly, “mental health” is a hot topic which has made mindfulness and meditation trendy. But solely focusing on these practices misses so many facets of mental health including problem solving, skill development, and wisdom.

RARE SENSE represents my effort to truly enhance human performance through a holistic mind fitness approach. This newsletter is one component of the overall philosophy and program. In it, I discuss my lessons learned from over five years of personal mental health and chronic illness struggles, and the perspective that experience has given me on the human condition. As a Navy SEAL Veteran, entrepreneur, musician, and global citizen of over 40 countries, I think I have a unique point of view on these topics that’s worth sharing.

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Chris Irwin
Recovering chronic mental and physical illness sufferer. Sharing expertise learned through affliction.